Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu Extra Chapter Preview & Recap

From the manga magazine Petit Comic Special Edition which came out October 16th
Trans wrote a recap for you all, be sure to thank her 🙂

Nanaryu’s ‘proposal’??
Nanami has to go on a business trip to Hong Kong (HK) the next day, and since he’s taking the early morning flight out from Tokyo and he has to go back to his apartment to collect his bag, he has to leave Asuka’s apartment first thing in the morning. Since it’s really troublesome for him to have 2 homes, he muses aloud that he probably has to really consider doing something about the situation soon. Nanami quickly adds that it’s not a proposal since Asuka happily tells him that yes she’ll be glad to marry him (LOL), and that he’s just thinking of finding a place to move to.

After getting out of his bath, Asuka asks his opinion about her new perfume (a product that is quite hard to purchase since only limited quantities are available) and Nanami tells Asuka that he likes this scent. While Asuka starts to talk about how she likes floral scents that are not cloying and that she chose to change her perfume since one’s moods can be changed through the use of fragrances, Nanami uses this opportunity to pounce onto her. Unfortunately, in their struggle, Asuka’s prized perfume bottle gets smashed, which infuriates Asuka and she kicks Nanami out of the apartment, telling him that he might as well get back to his own place to prepare for the trip since he’s so bad at waking up in the mornings.

The scene changes and we see Nanami at a branch of the brand of perfume he smashed 2 nights ago. He sighs as he thinks of how Asuka was really mad over the broken bottle of perfume and then chances upon a particular fragrance that has yet to be released in Japan. Nanami buys it for Asuka as a peace offering and when Asuka asks why he has chosen this particular fragrance, Nanami simply replies that it’s because he thought it suited Asuka. His answer placates Asuka and she tells Nanami to apply the perfume on her.

The next morning, we see Asuka trying to wake a sleepy Nanami up to go to work, but Nanami sleepily embraces Asuka even tighter, and murmurs that she smells nice. Asuka smiles and muses to herself that Nanami probably didn’t realize that the name of the fragrance he bought her was “Nuptials” (in french? italian?), and she hopes that this will really come true someday.
Ceecile note: I think it’s Latin.

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