Nagareboshi Lens Chapter 20 (Chapter 25)

I’m writing this recap taking into consideration that you should be looking at the scans at the same time. I’m going to skim over the more descriptive or self-explanatory scenes. If there’s something I skimmed over that you want to know then leave a comment 🙂
For an explanation of the chapters’ numeration see the manga’s page

Chapter 20(25) Chinese scans
Risa thinks “Takechi’s hand…” Takechi asks her to move because he’d like to come inside. Risa jumps away, apologizing. She thinks that she was blocking the way without realizing it and that Takechi has a habit of touching people.
Risa thinks that perhaps she should tell Yuugure about what happened earlier with Takechi. It’s probably not even worth mentioning but… The thing with Hachino caused a lot of misunderstandings so… But it’s Takechi, with him there shouldn’t be a problem. (We have heroines pondering about whether to tell their bf about a forced kiss or not – and usually deciding not to, and then we have Risa agonizing about whether she should tell her bf about his best friend running into her, making them fall lmao).
In the end she decides to say it. Thinking that wording it wrong would cause problems for Takechi, she says that earlier she ended up alone with Takechi, she fell… Takechi notices what she’s saying and jumps in, apologizing that he made her fall. He says his legs were feeling weak and from behind she looked like someone else. Yuugure says ok. And then he says, “To think I’ve never had her under me…” (I’m not kidding, I swear that’s what he says). Fujimon(?) asks what’s with that conversation while blushing and Takechi apologizes again. Yuugure just says that those kind of things can happen.
Tamaki’s friends ask if they don’t want to go outside to check out the various stands and say they’ll protect them when they’re worried about high-schoolers bothering them. Risa says sorry and thank you to Takechi and he gives her a huge smile.
He’s asked if he met Manami and he answers that he forgot, even though that’s the reason he came in the first place. Risa remembers who Manami is and thinks that Takechi too has someone with whom it could work out.

Tomo (I realized I’d been calling her Momo this whole time but it’s actually Tomo lol, my bad!) is mad at Hachino (Mako-Mako), asking why he’s not looking for her instead of casually drinking tea. She’s been looking everywhere for him. He tells her he doesn’t have a reason to look for her and who does she take him for? She says that of course he didn’t but since they’re always in the same scenario she wanted to try something else. She tells him to admit that for a moment he thought “Huh?” (at her being gone, I guess). Hachino says that he thought he’d been freed so he was relieved. She says he’s really not nice and he tells her she doesn’t give up easily. Tomo replies that she doesn’t have a reason to give up who does he take her for? He laughs. He tells her she’s like a band-aid as he leaves.

They’re invited to play a game for free by Tamaki’s friend (the guy who tried to kiss Tomo earlier). He asks them if they’re couples (Risa & Takechi / Fujimon & Yukko) and while the guys say in a small voice that they aren’t, the girls reply “Not at all!! Absolutely not!!!”. Risa tells Takechi that she’ll help him find Manami. She says Manami is beautiful and they fit well together but he interrupts her to say “Not at all!” actually he came to tell her clearly that he doesn’t want to go out with her. Tamaki’s friend ask if she’s not his type even though she’s beautiful and has a great personality, and so what is his type? He can introduce girls to him. Looking thoughtful Takechi says someone more delicate and loyal. Yukko says that in the end his taste is similar to Yuugure’s. Takechi makes a face.
Tamaki’s friend says they don’t have any yoyo left and turns out Risa got them all. Everyone – focus on Takechi – laughs.
The guys are called out to play basketball.
Risa thinks she feels like she got a bit closer to Takechi. She thinks it’s normal since he’s Yuugure’s precious best friend.

Risa is spotted by guys who recall she’s the girl who won all the yoyos. Yuugure who wasn’t there asks what yoyos? Fujimon tells him he should have seen it earlier and that someone mistook Risa and Takechi for a couple. He also says that he should have seen how fast Risa denied it. Guys show up and tell the ones getting close to no bother this one because she’s with Tamaki. Yuugure shows up and declares that to be exact she’s not Tamaki’s but his, while Takechi looks on. Touga literally drags Risa away and she blushes thinking about Touga saying she’s his.

Yuugure tells Risa in a sarcastic way that she sure is popular today. She tells him that it’s just out of curiosity. He says that she needs to stop hanging/loafing around (I’m struggling to translate this part because what he says in French is quit rude and condescending imo, and I find it hard to believe that it’s the same in Japanese. It’s not very Yuugure-like). Risa takes offense (as she should!) and yells that she wasn’t. He asks if she wants him to put a leash on her and she tells him to do as he wants. Yuugure tells her not to talk non-sense (Yuugure is such a little bitch in this ~fight). By this point Risa is actually starting to get angry especially when she remembers about how he disappeared earlier. So she tells him that if there’s one of them who’s loafing around it’s him not her. This make Yuugure pause and then he makes a stupid face and asks if she missed him, “Sorry! ♥”. Thankfully Risa doesn’t fall for that and wonders (in her thoughts) what he’s trying to say and that it’s a bit selfish. In the end she just says that they’re lagging behind so they should rejoin the group. *Page of Yuugure looking at the back of Risa’s head/neck, stopping her by putting his arms around her* Risa is shocked and says his names, he answers, then she just says “hum” and he asks her what is it. In the end she says it’s impossible to say anything and he laughs.

Yuugure’s friends wonder if the lovebirds are coming back (close up on Takechi’s face, of course).
Yuugure tells Risa that he’s not going anywhere so she can rest assured. She smiles and says Ok and thinks it’s a promise.

End of Chapter 20(25) and of Volume 6! Well, there’s an extra chapter but it’s a oneshot unrelated to Nagareboshi Lens.

Yuugure got out of this way too easy in my opinion.
This one was actually quite detailed because I actually started to write it months ago… Sorry it took me this long to finish it! :S


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