Kokoro Botan Chapter 21 Recap

I’m writing this recap taking into consideration that you should be looking at the scans at the same time. I’m going to skim over the more descriptive or self-explanatory scenes. If there’s something I skimmed over that you want to know then leave a comment.

Chapter 21 Chinese scans
Nina cannot figure out what to buy for Koga’s birthday which falls on November 30th. Her friends are talking about a new book by Hayami Manabu. They say he started in his 1st year of high school. Nina is shocked to learn they are the same age. Her friends say that he’s also really hot. It’s rumoured that he often comes to this shop after school. Coincidentally, they spot him right there. The girls are all excited and wonder if they should ask for an autograph. Her friends tell Nina that she could get a signed book for Koga and thinking it’s a good idea she goes to buy the book first.
Girls are taking pictures of him and he takes one of the girls’ phone and asks who allowed them to take his picture.
Nina comes up to him all excited after buying the book and asks him, happy Nina-like, if he could sign it for her. Hayami looks at her like “…” and her friends tell her she bought the wrong book. She actually bought “Robots & co”. He takes it from her and writes something in it. She thanks him before seeing what he wrote, “DIE”. As he’s leaving he says “What a stupid… Mouse” which confuses Nina.

Koga is laughing really hard and says that it means he recognized her. Nina is confused. He apologizes and says he showed him their picture they took during the school festival which makes her even more confused. He clarifies that he had told her he had a friend he wanted to introduce to her right, that’s him, Manabu Hayami. Nina can’t believe it and asks if he means the writer and he says yes but apparently he doesn’t like people talking to him about that. He hates those who don’t even read but say they’re his fans or asks for autographs insistently. Nina is horrified as she thinks that it’s exactly what she did. She asks him hesitently if that Hayami and him are really friends and he says he’s his best friend (he thinks…?) There’s an arrow pointing at him saying that he’s doing it on purpose. Nina is really troubled by this because she thinks Koga’s best friends hates her. Koga asks if they can go see him today, he’d like to introduce him better.

Nina bought a box of waffles and Koga tells her she didn’t have to do that much. She says that he already has a bad opinion of her so… She asks if it might have been better if she bought donuts instead. Someone comes up from behind them and says he likes neither.
Hayami asks Koga if he wasn’t going to come alone and Koga asks “innocently” if that’s what he said in his mail. Koga introduces Nina “Kasuga” as his girlfriend and she apologizes for the other day. She offers the waffles but he tells her to keep them as he doesn’t like sweet things. He tells her that he hates letting people he doesn’t know inside his house with an aura that says “go away, go away”. Koga, keeping up with his innocent act, asks if that’s the case then where should they go? Hayami says he was suggesting she leaves, and that Koga actually knew what he meant. Nina says she thinks it’s better that she leaves them. She runs away and ends up falling. Koga asks if she’s ok and tells Hayami that he’s going after her.

Koga is putting band-aids on Nina’s knees. He asks if Hayami made her angry but she says not at all. Koga tells her there’s no need to force themselves to get along, he only wanted to show off because he’s proud. Nina says that’s right, he’s a writer after all, but Koga laughs and says no it’s the other way around. He says he’s proud of that too but well… Hayami really helped him a lot at one time (and he’s very funny). Nina asks if Hayami’s a good person then, and Koga answers that he is, for sure.
Nina wonders if she knew him better perhaps they could get along.

While she’s out shopping for Koga’s birthday present she spots Hayami. She timidly says hello to him but he ignores her. She doesn’t give up and asks if he comes here often and tells him that she’s here to look for Koga’s present. He throws down what he was reading and walks away. Nina yells, asking what Koga would like for his birthday. Hayami turns to look at her, shocked. He tells her whatever and when she says that she can’t decide so she thought that he might know he replies to ask Koga directly. Nina says her friends said the same thing but she thinks a surprise is better, isn’t it? In the end he smirks like he just got an evil thought and tells her to follow him.

He took her to a stuffed toys shop and they stopped in front of a big fluffy stuffed dog. Nina is unsure and asks if Hayami really thinks Koga will like that. Hayami answers that he’ll love it, he loves everything that is fluffy, he’s going to be really happy, for sure (all while looking completely unconcerned). He says Koga loves dogs too. Nina thinks it’s true that he has Marie (his dog that looks like Nina according to him). She goes to buy it and he thinks she’s really doing it, stupid. She looks really pleased and thanks him with a big smile and lots of shoujo flowers. Thanks to him she found something good. He just says “Is that so?” and that she’s really stupid (under his breath). She asks him if he wants to celebrate Koga’s birthday together, she’s thinking of taking him out to eat donuts the next day but he shakes his head vigorously. She says it’s too bad and he tells her bye. She excitedly tells him yes, see you soon and waves her arm saying thank you x2 and that she’ll read his book. He just thinks she’s annoying. Nina is of course completely oblivious to all this and leaves looking really happy. Hayami turns to look at her leave.
Nina thinks that in the end they might become friends…?

A few days later (I assume), Hayami goes to Koga’s place to give him back a DVD he borrowed. Hayami is shocked to see the stuffed dog on display and Koga tells him about how “Kasuga” was really happy to tell him that Hayami had advised her. He asks Hayami “I like stuff toys… Me?” And he says he didn’t know. Hayami tells him that apparently he likes it after all. Koga says yes but he wouldn’t like to have more than one. He says it’s just like her, it made him laugh. Hayami says he really doesn’t understand what he finds in/likes about her. Koga says there’s no need to force himself. The day he’ll understand he risks to fall in love too. Hayami is shocked and in disbelief because of what Koga said and he tells him it’s ridiculous and says he’s leaving.
While walking home he says “pathetic…”.

End of chapter 21

This was the easiest manga to recap so far, and the fastest, so I think I’m going to stick with it.

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