FIVE Chapter 70 Recap

I found no scans for FIVE, raws or otherwise, so I’ve scanlated the parts I felt you should see or the ones I liked. A reminder that I’m doing a translation of a translation JAP->FR->ENG and also I suck at translating FR->ENG so it may sound awkward). The quality should be better since I used photoshop instead of paint this time ^^ Click on them to see full size.

FIVE Ch 70_1
December 21st. Kojirou just finished his morning training when he feels someone’s presence. In the end he figures he was mistaken. However we see someone’s foot around the corner.

Takui arrives at school and complains about all the couples acting lovey-dovey. He says that even though he knows this happens every year after the party, it still depresses him a bit. Especially now that “those two” must have gotten together. Speaking of…

Kojirou arrives and before Takui can finish whatever he was going to say (seems like he was going to mock Toshi), Kojirou yells for him to watch out. Too late however, Takui is hit by an arrow that stucks to his forehead. There’s something tied on it, a message that says “I challenge you! I will come without warning. Masamune.” Kojirou says so it was his chi he had felt earlier after all. Where is he hiding (Kojirou speaks in old French, I don’t know how to translate that in English. Think “thou art”-old). Takui and Nao seem a bit panicked to hear that Masamune is here. Hina is a mix of confused and scared and just as she’s asking what’s that about a challenge and who Masamune is, someone grabs and squeezes her breasts from behind.
(Masamune speaks with a very strong French northern accent, don’t know what that was in Japanese and I don’t know how to transcribe that in English.)
A guy with long hair tied in a ponytail, still with his hands on her chest, says ~”Hey there, cute lady!” Hina gets away from him and tries to hit him while yelling at him to get away from her. The guy says that she has character and that he doesn’t dislike that. Then he adds “70D, ideal in size and to the touch!♥” Kojirou yells “Masamune!”, Toshi grinds his teeth and Hina screams how can he know. Toshi tells her to get lost as he pushes (more like throws her) back.
Chapitre 70 4 trans
Kojirou tells him to not put them in the same category. They fight. Masamune asks him why he’s being like that and calls him “little brother”. Hina is shocked to learn that Masamune is Kojirou’s older brother. Takui and Nao say that they have opposite personalities.
Masamune tells Kojirou that he came all the way from Nagasaki to see him so he could welcome him in a nicer way. Koujirou says he knows him and he only came to force his hand, to harass him for the end of the year. Masamune says he’s right and he’s sharp as always. He tells Kojirou that he’s going to replace him for this year’s service as well. Kojirou tells him there’s no way.
Hina is still confused as to why they’re fighting and what the “service” is. Tairaku starts to explain that “Kojirou’s family has…” but he is interrupted.
Masamune says that he also came to get a girl for the occasion and asks Kojirou if he doesn’t have one ready for him, to which he answers how should he know and to focus on his role as the heir. Masamune tells him he’s as annoying as usual. (A reminder that Kojirou speaks in an archaic dialect while Masamune speaks in a very strong, kind of country-like, accent/dialect).
Masamune tells Tairaku that if he remembers correctly, his sisters are real beauties so give him one, whichever one (well, one that’s legal preferably, so he doesn’t get in trouble with the law). Tairaku’s hand twitches and with a smile he tells Masamune that he must be kidding (because if he’s not, he’ll kill him). Takui and Nao panic because Tairaku is going to switch to “protective brother” mode and yell at him to stop.
Masamune asks if that means it’s not possible and says that the triplets from Takui’s home don’t interest him. Takui gets really mad and yells that there isn’t anyone more adorable that his triplets. Nao tries to hold him back but then Masamune goes up to him and tells him that he would do if only he was a girl, he’s adorable.
In the end Masamune figures there’s only Hina left. He looks her up and down and tells her that Well, she’s not very pretty and she doesn’t have that little thing that would make her cute… But well, if you look carefully she does have some charm (especially her chest), so if she throws away “Toto”, he could accept her. (Obviously what he says is already very rude and condescending, but the way he says it makes it even more so. I don’t if I was able to translate it well enough though). Obviously Hina snaps and yells at him asking what right does he have to speak to her like that and what does he know about her anyway. She asks Kojirou if she can hit him. Toshi, very calmly holds her back saying “come on, come on” or maybe “alright, alright” (anyways, like he’s very much not bothered by what Masamune said). But then Masamune tells him to let her go “big eyebrows” and that makes him really mad, asking if it’s him he’s referring to.
Kojirou interrupts and tells Masamune that this year he’s going to make sure that he’ll stand on stage, even if he has to face him with everything he’s got. Masamune tells him “not bad” and, in that case, if he(M) beats him(K), Kojirou will go do it nicely for him. It’s not like he(K) has a chance of winning anyway. Someone jumps in the middle and yells “Bullshit”, they tell Masamune that his level is pathetic. They (we can’t see much of them yet) separate the brothers. We can see who it is on the next page and, it’s a girl! She tells Masamune that in the end this year he went to Kojirou. Koujirou screams “Big sister” (I’m guessing in Japanese it would be a formal/old-fashioned “Ane-san”, maybe “Aneue”) and Masamune “Ichi”. Hina, Taki and Nao are shocked by this turn of events while Toshi an Tairaku remain impassive.
Ichi gives Masamune quick slaps on both chicks while telling him that he’s the shame of the Yauchi family. Last year he fled to a foreign country and this year he tries to pressure Kojirou. She tells him that this year he will ring the New Year’s bell. (Unlike her brothers, Ichi speaks without any particular distinction) Hina is surprised by this rather anti-climatic reveal.
Masamune protests that just because he’s the oldest, why do all the Temple’s chores fall onto him?! Why should he have to freeze his ass outside to ring the bell 108 times in the cold?! He says that for New Year’s Eve he wants to celebrate surrounded by girls. He’s not a monk! Then he fights with Ichi and Kojirou who say he’s still speaking non-sense.
The other watch them wondering if that’s normal. Someone wonders if Masamune only came to visit Kojirou and if he’s really rejecting his role as heir. In the end they decide to leave them to take care of it on their own.
Then the last pages.
Chapitre 70 5 trans
End of chapter 70 and of volume 14!

Phew! Only 1 volume and 5 chapters (+1 extra) left!


2 thoughts on “FIVE Chapter 70 Recap

  1. Ahhh you’re amazing! I seriously read this manga a long time ago but hadn’t realized I never finished it. I searched for an hour to try to find it and when I did I couldn’t put it down yet again… Then I remembered that there are NO translations in English from about Ch. 66. Omg I almost started crying. Then I found this. You’re a life saver. Wondering when the next chapters will be translated. This was perfectly translated for me. I could understand it even if there wasn’t a bunch of screenshots. Thank you!


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