Sai x Ai Chapter 5 Recap

I’m writing this recap taking into consideration that you should be looking at the scans at the same time as I’m going to skim over the descriptive stuff (like their actions, expressions) and even pages which I judge are not worth it or are self explanatory. If you have any question or if something is not clear leave a comment.

Chapter 5 Chinese scans
Tsugumi wonders at how messy the place is. There’s typhoon coming so she thinks they should leave now but he wants to work a bit more. She asks him how long it’s been since he slept, she’s worried he’ll faint but he says he’s used to it. She forces him to rest his head on her legs (she says her thighs should be comfortable because she gained a little weight and he agrees). She notices him staring at her and he says she’s really cute.
*Kissing + some ero-talk from Kamijou.*
Tsugumi was a bit scared by him just now and she is reminded that he is an adult but most of all that he is a man. It’s not surprising that he wants to do “that”. She thinks they can’t because then nobody would forgive them for sure. And also she’s still not ready. She can imagine it but thinks she could never… (do it I presume). She thinks that if there exists a method to grow up faster in that category as well she’d like to know it.

A woman is waiting for them outside. She asks one of the two (we don’t know yet who she’s talking to) if he/she’s going home now and that he/she is just in time. Because the weather is getting worse she came to get him/her.
Then Tsugumi, looking really happy, yells out “Big sister!!”. She introduces her to Kamijou. Her name is Takako, their parents got remarried, they don’t share the same blood. Tsugumi has this huge smile on her face as she tells him that Takako wants to become a lawyer. She says she can do anything and that she’s super proud of her.
Takako picks up that Tsugumi called him “sensei” so he introduces himself has a chemistry teacher and he asked for Tsugumi’s help.
As the sisters leave, Tsugumi thinks that even if she found out her sister would be on their side, because they are family. But Takako turns back to glare at Kamijou.

At home Tsugumi hopes that Kamijou already went home. Her sister gives her a shock when she suddenly tells her that Kamijou is young, around her age. Tsugumi thinks that she’d like to tell her everything but this time it’s better that she doesn’t. Except Takako already knows as she asks Tsugumi “You’re dating, right?”. She found out because she came yesterday to surprise her, but int he end she’s the one who was taken by surprise.
Takako tells her to forget than man. She spots a kiss mark on Tsugumi’s neck and asks if they’ve already…? Tsugumi denies it. Takako tells her that all he’s going to do is play with her and make her suffer. Especially with a teacher, she really doesn’t realize what she’s doing, right? It’s really bad, there’s still time to open her eyes.
Tsugumi wonders why she can’t say anything.

Kamijou is locking up before going home when Takako comes running yelling for Tsugumi. She asks him if she’s not here. He says she isn’t and guesses that Tsugumi ran away when Takako talked about him. He asks when it happens, he’ll help look for her, but Takako interrupts and tells him that he really hasn’t changed. His hateful composure, his bad habit of acting as if he knows everything about others… And his wandering hands! Kamijou asks her (rhetorically) if she thinks now is really the time to talk about that but she angrily says that on the contrary, it is. She says she thought he had dreams, so how dare he go after her little sister just to have fun!?! He says it’s true, he took advantage of her. He asks if she’s forgotten that little schemes never work, and he always obtains what he wants. He chose her and he’s prepared for the rest. (I was honestly confused by this whole exchanged. I made a literal translation of the French one. It seems like we’re missing some information on their backstory but, bit of a spoiler but we’ll never get it). He finishes by saying that for now, finding out if she’s ok is more urgent. He says he will bring her back and tells her to go back and wait at their apartment before he takes off running.
She asks herself if he means he’s serious. She takes out her cellphone and says that regardless, knowing the way he was/used to be, how does he expect her to trust him?

Tsugumi is squatting down in front of an apartment door, drenched. She calls out “Sensei” when he shows up, also drenched. She figured he’d come home eventually so she looked up his address, she was afraid her sister would go look for her at the greenhouse. Kamijou tells her he saw Takako and she’s worried. A neighbour comes up the stairs and looks at them. Tsugumi realizes she did something stupid, showing up at his place. She starts to apologize but he says it’s fine and invites her in.

Tsugumi tells him ow furious her sister was. It was the first time they ever fought, she’d always been so nice. She wanted to talk back but, nothing would come out. She was so shocked, didn’t understand what was happening, so she ran away. She thinks about how in the end she’s still brat. She was so sure that her sister, her family would let her be. She had sworn that she’d stay with him even if other forbade it but just that was enough to put her in such a state.
She apologizes to Kamijou because even if she shouldn’t, she wants to stay with him. It’s the only thing she knows, at the risk of losing everything, so… She thinks that she doesn’t want to be naive or hesitant anymore so… She grabs him and kisses him. She says she doesn’t want to go home tonight. She thinks that maybe by reaching the point of no return, she’d come out of it stronger, she’d become an adult faster.
Kamijou throws her on the bed and gets above her, they kiss.

Back to Takako when she took out her phone earlier. She calls someone and after ringing for a bit the other end of the line picks up with “You’ve called 110. Is it about an accident, an assault?”

End of chapter 5


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