Checking in

I have received a few messages and comments, so, this is just a post to tell everyone who knows I am French and was concerned about me and my relatives/friends that I am fine. I don’t currently live in Paris and my friends who do live in Paris have either checked the “I am safe” box on facebook or texted.
I’m a bit shaken though as I did use to live in Paris and the places they targeted are famous hangout spots and I myself used to go there often.

Kind of on-topic, since it’s about my well-being, you might have noticed the lack of previews since about 20 days now, despite my agreeing to a few requests. Sorry about that. I had actually been in the hospital since about 2 weeks ago (nothing too serious, just very annoying), without my computer. Which is why I’ve been catching up on writing recaps instead. However I was finally released today, so I’ll get to those soon.
Not too soon though, as I’ll be ~”celebrating” my birthday this weekend (the actual day is Monday though).

To those in France, Lebanon, and Japan I hope you, your family, and friends are safe.


11 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. I’m very glad to know you and your friends in Paris are safe. Make sure you keep on staying well and healthy!


    ▒▐█▒▐█ ▄▀▄ █▀▄ █▀▄ ▀▄░▄▀░░
    ▒▐████ █▀█ █░█ █░█ ░░█░░░░
    ▒▐█▒▐█ ▀░▀ █▀░ █▀░ ░░▀░░░░

    ▒▐█▀▄░ ▀ █▀▀▄ ▀█▀ █░░ █▀▄ ▄▀▄ ▀▄░▄▀
    ▒▐█▀▀▄ █ █▐█▀ ░█░ █▀▄ █░█ █▀█ ░░█░░
    ▒▐█▄▄▀ ▀ ▀░▀▀ ░▀░ ▀░▀ ▀▀░ ▀░▀ ░░▀░░

    a early message because I don’t come often. Continue being an awesome Scorpio!


  2. When i saw the bad news that happened in france, the first thing that came in my mind were the french nationals in otakumole. So glad to hear that you’re all safe. I just hope that this wont happen and that their movement should be stop asap.
    Anyway, advance happy happy birthday!!! 🙂


  3. Glad to hear from you. Hope you had an happy birthday and thank you to still work on sharing some preview 🙂 Take care and keep on enjoying manga 😉


  4. I didn’t pass for here long time, until that ypu are french but im happy to read you are safe, and a happy birthday
    i hope you to get happiness.
    Thanks do much for your hard work


  5. hello ceecile 🙂
    I wanted to write something no your oktakumole’s profile but I’m not sure you’ll see it soon and I finally decided to do so here, it’s better
    I just want to thank you for all the share, here and on otakumole
    I suppose it’s a lot of work so I really wanted to thank you
    I hope you re fine and that your health is better now

    As for me, I was born in Paris and I grew up just where everything had happened, so I’m really shake even now
    I’m happy not to live over there anymore but my mother and some of my family and friends still do ..
    there was my elementary school near, my high school too, my medical center as well, all my life up until my 22 yo so …

    I hope it will be the last, really

    hum, I came here for thanking you, reading mangas help me to change my mind, I really wanted to thank you for your hard work and when I read about paris I just cannot not tell…

    I hope a better future is coming

    good evening 🙂


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