Today’s delivery + Update


That’s right! Douse Mou Nigerarenai Vol 5, Joou no Hana Vol 12 and Pin to Kona Vol 14. Finally! I normally order from Fnac but they really can’t be trusted when it comes to mangas. All these came out on December 2nd and I had pre-ordered them, but they put the publication date as December 31! They do this often and usually I still get them as planned but this time I wasn’t so I contacted them asking them to at least change the date so people could order them now and they replied to me (3 days later!) that the information from their side was that they were coming out December 31st… I replied back telling them that they should change their sources because they came out a few days ago and were available everywhere except on their site and that at the very least the publishers’ information would be more trustworthy. Anyway after that they never wrote back and as you can see, for both Douse Mou Nigerarenai & Joou no Hana they still haven’t changed the dates, which means you can’t order from the site. So dumb. And this is not an isolated issue. They do this for a looot of mangas. So in the end I contacted them one last time to say it was their loss and I switched to Amazon (I linked them with the pictures to really make my point lol).

Vol 3
Devil’s Line Vol 3 also came out (Dec. 4th). I really love that manga 🙂 I buy it in digital format but I may just end up buying it in paper format in the end because it’s so pretty and there are color pages which are in black & white in the digital format Grrr. I hate when they do that.
If you have the occasion I really recommend it. I think I saw that the first chapter was scanlated recently. I personally really can’t wait for Vol 4 but it won’t be out till March T_T
These are the covers for Vol 1 & 2. Vol 1 has the hero and Vol 2 the heroine.

Lastly, it came out at the end of November but since it’s one of my favorites.
Vol 9
Seishun Shonbori Club Vol 9. And the last chapter of this volume is chapter 43 which means that we’ve officially caught up to the chapters on Otakumole hé hé XD

For the Japanese releases the one I’m most impatient about is without a doubt Eikyuu Shimei Onegai Shimasu! Vol 6. I really can’t wait because Vol 5 ended on a pretty damn big cliffhanger. It comes out December 12th but I don’t think it’ll be available to non Japanese straight away :S It was originally only available digitally but due to popularity it’s now also being released in tankoubons (up to Vol 4 right now).
I really love that manga. I’m pondering whether or not to send it to Raff or not but I’ll only do it if I have confirmation that a (good) translator will work on it. I think that raws are available for download if you ask google-sensei, and the first chapter is scanlated.

Now for the update.
I have not forgotten about all of you or the previews I agreed to post, promise! I have written down all the requests I had so I would not forget. But as bad luck would have it, my Ebook.Japan app crashed and I lost everything :S Not permanently, thank God, but it does mean I have to upload them all back up and it takes time. It especially requires a good internet connection, which I don’t have right now. I actually didn’t have internet at all for a week because I switched my internet provider. The technician is coming to install it tomorrow and in the mean time I have a little thingy that gets me internet but it’s too slow for anything other than basic browsing.

What I have been doing is updating the site, though I’m sure nobody noticed lol. I updated the magazines’ pages and I’m in the middle of updating both the French & Japanese’s manga pages. I know you guys probably don’t care about those but as I’m a bit of an organizing freak it was really bothering me that 1) they were not up to date at all and 2) that they were not as organized as they could be.

I’m far from done though :/

See you (hopefully) soon with new summaries and previews!

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