Gozen 0-ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo Chapter 8 Preview

From the manga magazine Bessatsu Friends which came out December 12
If you can read Japanese and would like to summarize this (or another) manga, leave a comment!

Do not take out the scans to post somewhere else. Link to the post, thank you 🙂

2 thoughts on “Gozen 0-ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo Chapter 8 Preview

  1. Thanks Ceecile! And thanks for the new manga that you’ve worked with raff! 🙂

    Seriously, identifying who the black haired guy is confusing. At first i thought it was hinana’s friend. But because of the mole near his nose, maybe he’s the guy from the band? And the long haired guy looks like a narcissist.


  2. Hello again! 🙂 i just visited otakumole and saw this updated. What’s more awesome is that dnjs had already completed her translation. Wohoo! That was really quick.

    And to answer my guess, the black haired guy whose with hinana is really a-chan. And to identify them. It seems the guy in the band has longer hair and has a mole under his left eye. (Noticed this when re-reading ch8 hehe)

    As for kaede’s issue, maybe it has something to do with a girl he dated or played with. I’m kind of confused to what mitsuki said as to when kaede stop playing around with girls. Was it before quitting the band or now with his current relationship.


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