Nagareboshi Lens Chapter 21 (Chapter 26)

I’m writing this recap taking into consideration that you should be looking at the scans at the same time. I’m going to skim over the more descriptive or self-explanatory scenes. If there’s something I skimmed over that you want to know then leave a comment 🙂
For an explanation of the chapters’ numeration see the manga’s page

Start of Volume 7 – Chapter 21(26) Chinese scans

Risa and Yuugure rejoin the group. Tamaki sniffs his brother and says he can smell Risa’s smell on him (he recognizes the smell from the hair product).
Yuugure asks Tamaki if he knows where Manami is right now. Then there’s a kind of comedic scene to get her phone number. In the end Takechi says it’s annoying and he wants to let it go but Yuugure lectures him. Risa laughs as she thinks that they get along so well.
They find someone who has Manami’s number but it turns out that she is right in front of them. Risa tells Yuugure that him and Takechi get along well (Well yeah, they are friends Risa…). Fujimon and the other friend (name??) say that Yuugure is the one Takechi confides in the most and Yuugure was the first to say he wanted to be friends when Takechi entered middle school. Yuugure says he’d like to be close with Takechi but he never speaks about himself. He says Takechi is still hiding many things about himself and wonders if things are ok at his house, the other two agree. Risa wonders what they mean.
Yuugure goes to keep the guy obsessed with Manami away from her and Takechi so Tamaki says he’s going to accompany the girls outside.

Takechi tells Manami that he will never love her (there’s an implication that he wouldn’t be able to. ~Could never love her). He asks her to give up on him and apologizes. She asks if he already has someone, which seems to surprise both him and Yuugure (what with the close up on their eyes and all). Takechi says no, he is everyone’s Takechi. She says she cannot accept his reasons for rejecting her and he can at least allow her to love him on her own, right? He points to Ikki (the Manami-obsessed guy) so she yells at him to leave Takechi alone. She tells him to not forget that she is here and she is waiting for him. She leaves telling him that when she’ll get a call from a masked number she’ll know it’s him and to call her when he feels like it. Takechi murmurs “she said she was waiting” (I know it should be “she’d be waiting” but it’s not in the French translation. Maybe he’s talking about his Mom or maybe the translation is bad, which would not surprise me one bit.) And that it’s all lies. Yuugure hears him. Takechi comes to his senses and turns to Yuugure with a big fake smile on his face and tells him the issue was taken care of. Yuugure looks at him while we’re reminded what he’d said earlier about Takechi still hiding many sides of himself.

Once home, Risa realizes that she forgot to give back the hairpin to Tamaki. She decides to go to Yuugure’s. On the way she thinks she should ask for his exact address since she is a bit lost right now. She thinks maybe she should turn around right now before she is completely lost + it’s getting dark. Only then does she think about calling him (she really isn’t the brightest girl).
She spots Takechi coming out of a conbini and calls out to him. He wonders what she’s doing here and she replies that she was looking for Yuugure’s house because she has something to return to him. He tells her Yuugure’s house isn’t this way/around here and scolds her for coming without knowing where it was.
She asks him if he is grocery shopping but he tells her it’s his dinner. Risa asks if his mom is out, because of work, but he says no, actually, he doesn’t have a mother anymore. She says “so you too” but Takechi replies that yes, him too, although it’s nothing like Yuugure’s situation. His own mom is very different from Yuugure’s. She was always out with guys and in the end she just left. Even after having him she never stopped acting like a ~slut (I really didn’t know what words to choose. This is basically what Takechi said but I don’t think he used such a vulgar term, although without looking at the raws I can’t say for sure). He tells Risa that he’s going back to his empty house and he’ll fall asleep desperately alone. After a pause he turns back to her and tell her to laugh while making a silly face. He stops when he see that she is far from laughing and looks pained. Risa wonders if this why Takechi has an aura that is so different. He’s more sensible than everyone else of people’s feelings. She remembers what he said about his glasses’ dirty lenses and other stuff that he or other people said about him that hint to him being ~different. She thinks that he deals with everything alone on his own. He asks if he should call Yuugure to come get her but Risa stops him and tells him that today she prefers to go back. Looking at her trouble expression Takechi laughs as he says this is too funny, there’s no need to get so involved in other people’s life. He says it’s annoying/troubling (?) after all and calls Yuugure. He tells him he’s with Risa, where they are and to come get her. Then he tells Risa that he’s going home happily by himself and he’s going to blissfully fall asleep, alright? He tells her not make that kind of face or she’s going to transfer it to him, she should smile. He starts to leave and Risa thinks that Takechi is important to Yuugure therefore even more so she doesn’t want to see him so sad.
(From here you really should just look at the scans or you’ll miss out on a lot as I won’t describe it and it’s important).
Risa holds him back and tells him to go back safely, sleep well and see him tomorrow. [look at the scans]

~Voice over from Risa says that tonight you can see the stars in the sky to the point that it’s moving.

End Chapter 21(26)


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  1. thank you very much for your hard work! I really appreciate the time you spent translanting this for us and I hope one day I can read the other chapters as well (27-32). If not for your work I could never have known the rest of the story! So thank you again 🙂


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