Kokoro Botan Chapter 22 Recap

I’m writing this recap taking into consideration that you should be looking at the scans at the same time. I’m going to skim over the more descriptive or self-explanatory scenes. If there’s something I skimmed over that you want to know then leave a comment

Chapter 22 Chinese scans
Nina is depressed to be reminded that tests are coming up. Koga says he thought her grades had improved but she she replies that as soon as Tomo left they went back to being bad. He proposes to help her study and she agrees excitedly. She starts to daydream about studying with him, alone together… Finally he says they better not, looking at her face, there’s no way she’ll be able to concentrate. In the end she thinks he’s not wrong.

Nina goes back to her classroom and finds her friend Rie crying. She says she found a lipstick in her boyfriend’s room, that he cheated on her. She asked him about it and he said it was his. Rie warns Nina to be careful, by going out with your boyfriend you think you know him but he’s actually still hiding many things.

Nina thinks that it’s not that she’s that confident in herself (what she means to Koga) but that Koga wouldn’t do that. Coming towards him she hears Koga on the phone telling the other person that he/she can come, there isn’t anybody home and to not to worry they’ll be alone. He tells the person on the other end of the line “see you later” and hangs up. Nina is shocked.
They go their separate ways but in the end Nina can’t get what Koga said on the phone out of her head and she gets on the same train as him, hiding. She tells herself that she’ll get down at the next stop. Cut to to her crying that she stayed till the end. Then she tells herself that this time she’s going home! Cut to her crying that she followed him all the way home. She thinks that she can’t go any further and on top of that, what if she finds out something that she doesn’t want to know.
She looked away for a moment and he disappeared only to come up from behind and scare her. He asks what she’s doing, she was behind him the whole way wasn’t she? He asks her if there’s something wrong. She starts to ask about the phone call earlier but she is interrupted by Hayami who is angry to see her here. He asks Koga why she’s here when he promised there wouldn’t be anybody. Koga apologizes and says it’s an accident. Hayami angrily says he won’t be able to write in calm. Nina is confused so Koga tells her that Hayami sometimes comes to write at his apartment since it’s quiet. Nina realizes that Hayami was the person on the phone with Koga and is even more embarrassed when she sees that Koga figured out what was troubling her.
Hayami sighs in exasperation and says he’s leaving. Nina tries to stop him, saying she should leave since they already had plans. Follows a series of “Me. No me. No… (etc)” between the two while Koga watches on. Finally he tells them that they should both leave. He tells them good bye and goes inside.

Hayami and Nina are walking in silence until Hayami sighs and says it’s just like Koga to that. He asks Nina why she’s laughing and she replies that she was just thinking that Hayami knows Koga really well. She asks if he often goes to Koga’s (to write) and he tells her that at least it’s quiet there since nobody’s ever home (his sister is noisy and always brings her friends over). This shocks Nina and she asks what he means, is Koga always alone at his place?  Hayami tells her that apparently he didn’t tell her so it’s not his place to do so and leaves.
While she’s lost in her thoughts she receives a call from Koga who asks her if she’s still close and tells her to come back since he’ll help her study at his place. She argues that she didn’t inform him before hand so he asks if she doesn’t want to come: “You don’t want to see me? I don’t count for you anymore? Well, that’t too bad.” It has the intended effect and she agrees to go over to his place.

She asks him where his parents are and he replies they are at work. They start to study but she’s too preoccupied by what Hayami said to pay attention which Koga picks up on. She said she’s just having having a bit of a hard time to concentrate and he tells her he also finds it a bit difficult.
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Nina thinks that Koga always looks at ease when she can’t take it anymore. After looking away she stutters that he won’t get her this time and that they should get back to work. In the end she decides to leave saying she can’t concentrate and rejects his offer to take her back.

Walking home she repeats what her friend said earlier, about not really knowing your boyfriend.

End of chapter 22


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