Yuugure Light Chapter 19 Preview

From the manga magazine Betsucomi which came out January 13th
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Whatever sympathy I might have felt for Kanata is gone with this chapter. It’s not like it’s all his fault but I doubt things would have gone this far, would have become this screwed up, if not for him. He was the only one who knew everything and played mind games with all of them so it would benefit him. And now he reacts like it’s all Yuudai’s fault? WTH dude?! Look what you’ve done, poor Chinami. And Yuudai. And Kazuho now that she knows Yuudai’s feelings.

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10 thoughts on “Yuugure Light Chapter 19 Preview

  1. Nope, if things turn out this way it’s because of Chinami. Kanata hasn’t done anything but to keep the promise of no telling her feelings for Yuudai and to help her about that. Not the best way maybe, but that’s it. And for going out, it needs two people. So, yeah, it’s Chinami’s fault. She’s a good person, far too good. Because of her dad and Kazuho’s hapiness, she sacrifices hers. She, herself, hand Yuudai over to Kazuho, and without taking Yuudai’s feelings into account.

    (thanks for posting this!^^)


  2. True I never liked a messed up guy like Kanata from the time he forced a kiss on Chinami and made her cry.. He thought he could blackmail her with a kiss, although he succeeded because of Chinami’s pity on him..I rather have her end up without anyone than Kanata who was full aware of everybody’s feelings from the beginning and still proceeded to date the girl his brother likes..Thank you for sharing X)!


    1. It’s like I said, he is not entirely at fault. In the end Chinami still likes Yuudai, as does Kazuho, and she probably would have made the same decision to hide her feelings. But without his interference a lot wouldn’t have happened. For one she would be dating Kanata even though she likes Yuudai and he also likes her. Which Kanata knew. And he took advantage of Chinami’s personality/feelings (just like when he kissed her) and ~weak mental state to get her to date him. Sure it takes 2 people, but obviously she’s not quite in her right mind and is confused as hell over what to do and Kanata pushed her in the direction he wanted while hiding major information. And now that it’s all come to light he’s acting like a brat who got his new toy stolen. He knew they had mutual feelings, he shouldn’t be surprised or blame Yuudai. It’s his own fault he’s in this situation.


  3. OMG OMG!!
    Do you have the previous chaprters?!!
    I’m still on chapter 8! and I cant find the other ones!!
    Please someone help meeee asap!!


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