L♥DK Chapter 79 Preview

From the manga magazine Betsufure which came out February 13th
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Geh. Watch people blame the girl (Aoi) for this as usual.
When will this arc be over?!

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16 thoughts on “L♥DK Chapter 79 Preview

  1. I’m with you; theyre stretching this arc too much. But with leon being too forward and getting his moves back, aoi will probably (hopefully) be absolute in turning him down in the next chapter. And as shuusei said, aoi has too many openings that’s why again, she got a stolen kiss.

    Thanks for the all the preview ceecile! And advance happy valentine’s day if ever you’re celebrating 🙂


  2. I don’t understand that “too many openings” mentality. That’s essentially putting blame on the girl. It’s not like he’s a stranger, why is she to blame because she didn’t expect him to force himself on her?

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    1. Hi, I read your comment on otakumole (well I think that was you) as well and I agree 100% with you. I hate the victim blaming. I get that we can be upset about a female protagonist being too naive or too trusting as in “oh yes I will enter your car person I don’t know because you’ll tell me about my bf”, but in no way it’s okay to blame her for the “uncontrollable urges” of men, furthermore why do you have to be on guard on your own effing house.


  3. Oh it’s not that i’m blaming her. I’ll wait for the scans and translations first to clarify things before commenting on that.

    I went back to the previous chapters. I thought that aoi was already aware of leon’s feelings for her and yet she treats him the same way as before but seems she is still not aware. Either way she is aware or not, i think aoi should be on guard even though it’s just leon; Because there are times when she doesnt realize that she’s already being taken advantage of. That’s the “opening” that i meant.

    There are 2 things that i think could be the reason that’s why her guard is down with leon: (1) The thought of leon falling for her may never cross her mind since she even thinks that she haven’t passed/fully accepted as shuu’s girl. (2) leon grew up in US so a bit skinship is normal for him.


    1. What is there to clarify though? Everything is clear. Aoi loves Shuusei, Leon knows she loves Shuusei, Leon kissed her and pushed her down regardless.
      There is no so called “opening”. It’s not a thing. Just because a girl you’ve got a crush on comes in grabbing range doesn’t mean you can actually grab her. “Opening” is just an invention for people who want to justify victim blaming.
      Even if Aoi knew Leon’s feelings, it wouldn’t change anything. Just because you know a guy has a crush on you shouldn’t mean you have to expect him to jump you (especially if he’s your bf’s cousin/childhood friend). It’s ridiculous. Why should a girl have to be “on guard” all the time? As if we have to expect to be assaulted by every guy we come in contact with, and be blamed for not being careful enough if it does happen.
      This is victim blaming. On a smaller scale, but victim blaming nonetheless. I know that mangas can distort our views sometimes but this is one thing I’ll never accept.


      1. I want to clarify how things happened. But regardless as you’ve said it’s wrong to blame it all on aoi and it is clear that aoi and shuusei love each other.
        But the “opening”, i somehow get what you mean. It’s not right to blame the victim but i do agree that girls should most of the time be on their guard. That’s what my father taught me. Because there are times when you cant control your feelings especially for guys, the so called guy’s instinct. I dont agree with my father at first but it does happen. Not all the time though but just to be careful, girls should be cautious sometimes.

        I’m not sure if i explained it well but it’s okay if we have different views. i respect that. Environment could be a factor for us in this one 🙂


  4. Leon by doing that , I ‘m sure he will eat a punch from shuusei,but the one to blame is shuusei himself because he trusted Leon and didn’t take his thread seriously but poor Aoi ,she get traumatized 😦 in the end .


    1. That’s true. We havent seen any action taken by shuu. I’m not sure about what he’s thinking but maybe he keeps on believing in leon’s goodness?-not sure what to think anymore. My head is exploding. Bam! Overreaction! Hehe
      Going back, i just hope that in next chapter things will be clear around those 3. Leon is in a state of confusion in this chap and it looks like his conscience are fighting; so hopefully the right one wins in the next chap.

      What i am more worried about now is the other girl who likes leon. Aoi and shu’s relationship were exposed and leon just explain his side on how he likes aoi and that she should keep it all a secret. Since leon is still confuse, he did not explain the relationship among them. This is not good. The other girl will keep thinking that aoi is a bitch and that she should suffer!…maybe or something on those lines. She looks like the type who will do anything for the one she likes.

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      1. Thank you for comment😍
        Actually I wanted to add that this was all because both Leon and Aoi stated that they are couples ,any one would say Aoi is bitch from
        the point of view,I was thinking it was better from the beginning Shuu and Aoi declared their love ,without fear …..if other commenters claiming that they need to be secret because livjng togeather well what about leon living with them ,I disliked that 😠 but that is the way of any shoujo manga the heroin may be kissed (st raped) by 3 – 4 ikemen boys (lol) then at last will end with the first love.😊


    1. I won’t do that. There are strict rules against sharing raws from otakumole and I’m not going to break them. Anyways, if you don’t have a working account a link would not be of much help to you. You need to be logged into otakumole to access Bubbler.
      You should just contact the admin.


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