FIVE Chapter 71 Recap

I found no scans for FIVE, raws or otherwise, so I’ve scanlated the parts I felt you should see or the ones I liked. A reminder that I’m doing a translation of a translation JAP->FR->ENG and also I suck at translating FR->ENG so it may sound awkward). The quality should be better since I used photoshop instead of paint this time ^^

FIVE Ch71_1
It’s the last day of school. The Five compare their grades. Kojirou notices that Hina looks upset.

Chapitre 71 1 trans

Hina sighs that he just keeps that indifferent look on his face. She’s blushing and puts her hands to her red cheeks. She feels like she’s the only one who looks like an idiot but that goes without saying since for him it must be a day like any other. She overhears a couple making plans for Christmas and she thinks, still blushing, that she would like to spend Christmas with him too.

Etsu also looks troubled while looking at her grades. Yamachika asks her what’s wrong, are her grades that awful? He gets close to her and tells her to show him but she gets flustered and pushes his face away forcefully, yelling that she’s feeling great so please don’t worry about her. Just like Hina she thinks that he’s behaving the same as usual and she’s the only one agitated. It’s the first Christmas since they confessed to each other, she wants to spend it together but she doesn’t know how…
Komoro takes the paper with Etsu’s grades out of her hands, they’re all perfect scores. Same for Mitsu. They start talking about entrance exams and Yamachika says they should all attend the same university, he could take care of them there, even if it’s a bit bothersome. Komoro gets mad at him and tells Mitsu to also say something. It’s then that Mitsu decides to tell everyone that he’s thinking of going to an American university. They are all shocked to hear that for the first time and Mitsu says that to be more accurate, he’s already been accepted, which shocks them even more. Etsu yells at him, asking why he didn’t tell them before. He says it would have been lame to announce it at a normal time. Etsu is pissed and asks if it’s just for that reason, they could have discussed it together. He says that if he had told people when he hadn’t been accepted it would only had revealed his weaknesses. He says it’s his problem, he has to figure out his path alone. He tells them to be at ease as he has already gotten the school’s recommendation, wrote the essay and had the interview. They are shocked and wonder when he had the time to do all this. He says he didn’t think they’d be so surprised. He turns to Komoro saying that in any case she’s the only one who keeps her cool and… (all this time she was off-page, when I wrote “they” I meant Etsu and Yamachika)

Chapitre 71 2 trans

She throws her shoe at his face and storms out, really pissed. Etsu yells at at her brother asking if he hadn’t even told Komoro and he answers that he hadn’t but there was really no reason to get that mad. Etsu slaps him, hard, calling him a moron. She tells him he’s really stupid, Komoro isn’t mad, she’s sad. She tells him to hurry and catch up to her. Seems that finally get some sense into him and he runs out.
Etsu says he’s an idiot and wonders why he had to spoil something so important. Yamachika pats her head and tells her that their relationship seems very stable at first but they’re missing the essential… (I don’t know what he means). Etsu asks if he already knew about them (Mitsu&Komoro) and he points out that Komoro only calls Mitsu by his first name. He pats her head again and tells her not to worry, knowing them, they’ll be able to surmount this crisis.
Changing topics, Yamachika says he has to contact the “organizer”. Etsu asks what he means and he tells her that this year his family will be together in Japan on the 24th and 25th (December) and he will go to so he has to call the organizer to confirm that he will be there. Just as Etsu is crying internally while thinking of her plan to spend Christmas together as a couple, Yamachika asks if she wants to go with him. He might act a bit peeved because of all the agitation but he’d like to introduce her to everyone, if she’s ok with it. Etsu is really moved and accepts. Yamachika starts calling while looking pleased and Etsu covers her face thinking “Kyaaaah”.

Mitsu is looking for Komoro on the roof but she doesn’t seem to be there. He says it’s strange, he was sure she’d be there. There’s a saying that monkeys and idiots like high places, so he’s going to look for another place that corr… Before he can finish he’s hit by a shoe on the back of his head. Komoro yells asking who he’s calling a monkey or an idiot. He smiles saying “there you are”. He tells her to get down and asks if she’s that mad at him for not telling her, if she doesn’t want to see him anymore. She tells him that it’s more like that’s what he plans to do. Mitsu tells her than since 4 years ago, probably even more, his dream has been to study medecine abroad (that long and you never even told your gf or family. No wonder they’re all pissed). He doesn’t plan on coming back until he’s succeeded.
Komoro tells him that patience has never been her strong suit and she has a violent temper, she’d never be able to endure and he knows it perfectly. He agrees and that’s why he won’t ask her to wait for him… Does she sincerely think that he would tell her that?!

The bell rings and everyone starts to leave. Hina lost sight of the boys and wonders where Toshi might have gone. She sees to girls talking excitingly about their Christmas plans. One of them says she’ll propose a date to Toshi and the other wishes her good luck.
Hina panics saying that while she’s hesitating to invite him he may be making plans with another girl. Someone grabs her arm from behind. It’s Toshi who “kabe-don s” her. He hushes her and says he’ll be really troubled if he’s found. Masses of girls are running after Tairaku and Takui asking about their Christmas plans. Hina says life his hard for good looking guys.

Toshi leaves after telling her when to meet. Hina realizes that he just invited her for Christmas and makes that face ↑.

End of chapter 71

Next chapter is just a filler with nothing interesting or important happening, so I’m thinking of just skipping it and just write a small blurb before Chapter 73’s recap. Unless someone asks me to write it, but in any case it won’t be a recap. A short summary at best.

So sorry for the delay. I’ve been really really busy lately so that when I finally get some free time, I hope you understand that my priority isn’t writing recaps. I’ll continue to be at least this busy until mid-late-March, but I hope that it’ll last longer because that would mean that I am working.

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