Mermaid Boys Chapter 1 Preview

From the manga magazine ARIA which came out Mars 28th
If you can read Japanese and would like to summarize this (or another) manga, leave a comment!

New manga! Looks fun!

Do not take out the scans to post somewhere else. Link to the post, thank you 🙂


7 thoughts on “Mermaid Boys Chapter 1 Preview

  1. Basically Naru, the mermaid prince, falls in love with the human girl, Nami, then contacts a sea witch to make him human to be with her, the witch tells him that if he doesn’t make Nami connect with him (fall in love) in one year then he will become seafoam.


      1. Thank you for sharing your raws with us, now seeing it as it is we have decided it doesn’t fit aqua scan’s manga themes after all and we won’t scanalte it after all.


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