Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu Chapter 43 Preview

From the manga magazine Cocohana which came out March 28
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I seriously don’t understand what is the point of bringing back Yuuto’s schoolmates and that girl who apparently still has a crush on him. What is her friend trying to do anyway? Does she really think she’s helping her? The guy is engaged, it’ll only be more painful when nothing comes of it. And that goes for Hanae too, they are engaged for God’s sake, when is she going to stop being so self-conscious?
I’m interested by the possible plot-line this chapter brought though: Hanae has a pregnancy scare of sorts so she starts to be really conscious of babies and Yuuto around kids. But when she goes to get checked out, not only is she not pregnant, she’s told that if she wants to have kids she should hurry up since she’s not so young anymore. Then Hanae is doing the math, she’s 35, in 5 years she’ll be 40. She moans aloud if only rejuvenation medicine existed and of course who is sitting next to her but Asao-san.

No chapter next issue.

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