Kitto Aishite Shimau n da. Extra Chapter Recap

From the manga magazine Petit Comic Special Edition which came out January 16th (That means it came out between chapter 2 and 3).

The lovely Geksri, who took over translating this manga from the equally lovely Penguinsan, wrote a recap for you all. Be sure to thank her either here in the comments or/and on her Otakumole profile page if you can 🙂

The story starts with the heroine introducing her situation. Fujita Ayumu (25) for some reasons ended up cohabiting with her co-worker, Yachi Shunsuke, in her grandfather’s house. One day a fancy looking package lays on the table with a card slipped in the wrapping. Half-hidden, the card says “Please have… I love you.”
Ayumu assumes that the gift is for Yachi and she starts wondering whether it’s a Valentine gift and perhaps since the’re living together now, whether she should also get a present for Yachi. Then she realises that the gift might come from Yachi’s girlfriend. She questions herself, could it be a girl from the office? Would Yachi bring her to this house? And if he does, what is she supposed to do when that happens, leave the house? She’s really not keen on that idea. In the mean time, Yachi is coming back from one of his fishing trips. He’s thinking of making dried fish with the catch as he enters the house. Panicking, Ayumu runs away from the lounge room.

When he sees the package, Yachi has the same kind of thoughts. Is it a Valentine gift? Is it for him from Fujita? But she doesn’t seem to be the kind of woman to bluntly write “I love you” on the card. And the handwriting on the card is not hers anyway. Then his imagination wanders to the possibility of him dating Fujita, which means they won’t just be cohabiting but actually living together as a couple. He wonders if he could handle seeing Fujita after shower every day and not do anything, because it will be weird to do “it” in her grandfather’s house. Upstairs, Ayumu’s train of thoughts is going back on this loop: who’s the gift’s sender? → the sender must be pretty close to Yachi → is it his girlfriend? → why do I hate the idea of him having a girlfriend.

In the middle of their swirling confusion, the phone rings. Her grandfather is on the other end, finally clearing up the mystery. Apparently, the package is a Valentine gift for Zenroku (Ayumu’s grandfather) from a lady in his seniors’ group. Yachi gets frustrated and shouted at him for causing such a confusion. Zenroku doesn’t get why they are mad at him. As an apology, he lets the two of them have the chocolate. Yachi picks one piece and offers it to Fujita. As he puts it in her mouth, his fingers brush her lips.
Blushing profusely, both of them muttered that Zenroku has caused a big kerfuffle. Ayumu appreciates the delicious chocolate though. Then Yachi apologises for touching her lips when he fed her. She just says, “Oh, right.” Blushing even deeper, Yachi admits to himself that her lips were so very soft…

Ceecile note: Yay! Thank you Geksri! I love this couple ♥ Theyre so attracted to each other so early in the story. Only 2 chapters in (when the extra was published) and he’s already thinking about all that lol. Maybe that’s why he’s so eager to get out of the house (Ch.5).

By the way, anyone that lives in France or reads French, Douse Mou Nigerarenai is licensed here so go buy it! Its French title is Plus question de fuir! and Vol 6 is coming out in June. Unfortunately it’s not doing very well so I highly doubt this one will ever get licensed. Josei manga generally aren’t popular here :C

I would have liked to send the scans to Raff but I really don’t want to debind this magazine (which I’d have to do in order to get better quality scans). I wouldn’t have minded if it’d been in a regular one but the special editions are a real pain in the ass to deal with after. Anyone who knows the difference between the two knows what I’m talking about right? For those that don’t, just to give you an idea, this special edition has 780 pages while the regular March edition has 425 pages…
Well, maybe I’ll try sending those to Raff and we’ll see if she finds them good enough.

7 thoughts on “Kitto Aishite Shimau n da. Extra Chapter Recap

    1. I’m happy and thankfull that you wrote it! 😁
      By the way, I just want to say that the fact that there are no comments does not mean nobody read it. The last time I checked it had 160+ views. I guess nobody felt like leaving a simple thank you… I’m sorry 😕


  1. Don’t worry about it. I’m used to it by now 😁 Until very recently, I also used to be a lurker who enjoyed manga/sites but never left any comments. I guess what goes around comes around😂


  2. ooooh they are so cute ! I love the both !! I look forward for the next chapter !

    Geksri Thank you sooo much for your translations and this recap, I was blushing all along ! 😀


    1. Yeah, I was like squealing whenI first read this omake chapter. I adore their puppy-love kinda interactions😍 Oh, and thanks for leaving a nice comment. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one enjoying this manga 😘


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