Yuugure Light Chapter 23 (Final chapter) Preview

From the manga magazine Betsucomi which came out May 13th

The end feels a bit anticlimactic but well, that’s ok. It fits with the overall feel of the manga.
It doesn’t say anything about an extra and I don’t think there will be one. I did the math and there will be exactly 5 chapters in the last volume (5), just as there have been in the 4 previous ones.

Do not take out the scans to post somewhere else. Link to the post, thank you 🙂


4 thoughts on “Yuugure Light Chapter 23 (Final chapter) Preview

    1. Same same. I felt the whole Kanata x Chinami thing was unnecessary and took away basic character development from Kazune and Yuudai. Or even Kanata himself really. Basically all the characters except Chinami. And rushed Kazune x Chinami, Chinami x Yuudai and Yuudai x Kazune. The parents too. I would have liked to see more of them adapting as a family.
      If the manga had been longer then it could have worked but we spent wayyy too much time on that whole situation in comparison. We were deprived of seeing Chinami x Yuudai together as a couple, which I was looking forward to because it would have been awkward and funny for sure.
      Idk idk. I have mixed feelings right now.


      1. I wish I could give you a good reply right now but you put my feelings and thoughts into words better than I could 😉 Yes, exactly that. Too rushed, too little focus on the characters surrounding Chinami. Too little focus on the relationship between all the characters as well. Also, the relationship between Chinami and her mother. They finally reconnected again, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see them build a more stable relationship (because after so many years of hardly any contact, I can’t believe that just one day was enough to fix every single little thing). And yeah, I was looking forward to seeing them as a couple so much, because they would make the cutest, dorkiest, sweetest couple ever. Mehh. I was so convinced that this would be a manga that doesn’t end with just a confession and a kiss. And I hope that one page wasn’t the mangaka implying Kazune x Kanata because that would feel like ‘cleaning up the leftovers’.
        … Yeah, mixed feelings. I still love Chinami to bits though. (This is probably the one of the few manga that I wouldn’t mind have a sequel after ending.)


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