Announcement about Ashita no 3600-byou’s status

You may have already realized that the manga had been coming out irregularly for the past few issues, but now it’s official, it will be going on hiatus.
The mangaka, Konno Risa, wrote an announcement that was published in the latest Betsucomi.

Here’s the gist of it thanks to Trans :
“She’s sorry for the sudden break she’s taking from the serialization, and that the story will not be regularly serialized for a while due to her ill health. She thanks everyone for the concern and assures everyone that her illness is not a major one.”

Thanks to Trans for that, I really couldn’t decipher any of it!

:C I hope it really is nothing serious and that she’ll recover fully quickly.
Which reminds me to send positive thoughts towards Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi‘s mangaka, Kumaoka Fuyu (check the News category for more about that). There’s been no new info about that, that I know of anyway, which is a bit worrisome :S


6 thoughts on “Announcement about Ashita no 3600-byou’s status

  1. Mmhmm, I worry about a lot of mangakas in general, since obviously being one is an extremely rigorous job in general. I pray for her quick recovery as well as Kumaoka Fuyu’s and Kusanagi Mizuho (Akatsuki no Yona)’s safety

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      1. Yes, she took a break last issue of HnY due to the Kumamoto earthquake, and resumed this issue (Which had me squealing). but it seems that there is no definite release date for the next chapter as of right now. But, hopefully she is fine.


  2. Thanks to Ceecile for helping to scan that for us 🙂 Yeah it’s tough being a manga artist so let’s hope that the artist recovers soon!


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