Five Chapter 73

I found no scans for FIVE, raws or otherwise, so I’ve scanlated the parts I felt you should see or the ones I liked. A reminder that I’m doing a translation of a translation JAP->FR->ENG and also I suck at translating FR->ENG so it may sound awkward).
Chapter 72 is a filler so I skipped it and just wrote a small blurb.
And ICYMI, a sequel titled FIVE+ will be starting in a few days.

Chapter 72 : Christmas Day
December 24, Hina goes out to meet Toshi and encounters Takui’s younger brother on the way. Yoshitaka (little bro) thinks his girlfriend his cheating on him. They see her meeting up and looking chummy with the leader (Momiji) of the Five from that rival high school. They run into the other 4 and it’s a mess. Hina tells little bro to catch up to his girlfriend while she holds the other guys up. Yoshitaka confronts the two. It’s a mess until the girl’s twin sister (Yoshitaka’s girlfriend) arrives. Everything is resolved except Hina is still fighting and one of the guys steps on her chocolate cake which riles her up.

Chapter 73 : Christmas Eve
Hina & Toshi

Hina is running in order not to be late to the meeting point. She runs into a lost little girl and helps her find her mom. She arrives late and Toshi is not there. She wonders if he got tired of waiting and left. Just as she’s about to call him her phone rings. Toshi asks her where she is and she notes that his voice sounds weak. She starts apologizing for being late but when she asks where he is he replies he’s sorry but they won’t be able to see each other today. Hina wonders what’s going on, if something happened and he says it’s nothing which only confuses her. Toshi then starts coughing and the scene cuts to Hina barging in Toshi’s house frantically asking if he’s alright.
Chapitre 73 1 trans
Hina tells him that’s exactly why she came, knowing him he probably hasn’t eaten anything. She first gives him a drink and then puts a leek around Toshi’s neck, much to his confusion (but should he really be confused at this point lol). Branding her fist she says with determination that she’s going to cook him something nice. Toshi stops her, he feels bad for cancelling since he’s the one who proposed the date but tells her to go home for today since he doesn’t want to get her sick, he’s going to manage on his own. She puts her hand on his forehead and feels that his fever is very high, she should have bought cold compresses. Toshi angrily tells her to listen when someone is speaking to her, he told her to not get close to him so as to not catch his germs. She simply says that he must have been sad alone with such a high fever.

She tells him to quickly eat the congee before it gets cold and he comments that it shows she’s good with rice (implied she sucks at everything else). She wonders what he means but he says he was talking to himself. Then she says she also prepared scrambled eggs but they’re blurred so you know what that means. So does Toshi and he quickly declines. He does taste the congee and says it tastes good. Hina is elated and says she’s going to cut an apple but she’s confused on how and again Toshi quickly stops her.

Toshi remembers how cold Hina’s hand was and wonders if she waited for him in the cold the whole time. Avoiding his eyes she nervously starts to answer. Cut to Toshi angrily saying that he can’t believe that while he was fighting his fever she was having a good time with another guy. She defends herself and says she wasn’t having a good time at all.
Chapitre 73 6 trans
Toshi starts to cough and Hina worriedly asks if he’s ok. He replies that he swallowed the wrong way. As she’s hurrying to get water her phone rings. It’s Dairi. He angrily asks where she is and tells her that their parents may be easy going but he doesn’t give her permission to stay out all night. She must tell him where she is so that he can come get her right away. Hina looks around her at all the evidence that Toshi is sick and tells her Dairi that’s impossible, she can’t leave him alone when he’s suffering like this.

End of Chapter 73


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    1. You’re welcome! ♥
      There’s only 2 chapters left (one that’s more like an epilogue really) + an extra (I don’t plan on doing that one). I’ll try to finish it quickly. The news of a sequel gave me some motivation ^^

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