Kitto Aishite Shimau n da. Extra Chapter Recap

From the manga magazine Petit Comic Special Edition which came out October 17 (I don’t remember when that was in the main story-line but definitely before they confessed to each other).

The lovely Geksri, who is translating this manga on Otakumole wrote a recap for you all. Be sure to thank her either here in the comments or/and on her Otakumole profile page if you can 🙂

The extra chapter opens with Ayumu introducing her situation. “My name is Fujita Ayumu (Female) and for some reasons, I’m currently living at my grandfather’s house with my coworker, Yachi Shunsuke-kun.” The phone rings and Shunsuke picks it up. Seems like the call is from an old friend who inquires if he is going to attend their class gathering.


While fiddling with his fishing gear, Shunsuke tells his friend that he won’t be able to make it that day. On the other side of the wall, Ayumu is reading a book on Shogi and eavesdropping on his conversation. She notices Shunsuke speaks with a dialect and wonders if the caller is from his hometown. The talk turns into Shunsuke’s living arrangements. He explains that he’s living together with a girl from the office, but they’re just house mates. Ayumu is surprised when suddenly Shunsuke says, “You saw the photo!? She’s amazing, right? So beautiful! She’s even better in person.” Ayumu wonders if he was talking about her and he shouts “Turtle!”
Apparently, Shunsuke also sent Takeru’s picture to the caller. Ayumu feels guilty for eavesdropping and thinks Shunsuke must not realise that she’s in her room. The talk turns to Ayumu’s cooking skills. Mocchan – the caller – heard from Tanaka that she’s useless in the kitchen, that her cooking is “belly-breaking” and “impossible to eat”– such a stab for Ayumu! Shunsuke quickly interjects that he never said anything that far, although the person herself seems to acknowledge her failings in the culinary department. Then he adds that Ayumu has great taste buds and with proper training she might be able to improve.


Ayumu can’t handle listening to the talk anymore, so she rushes downstairs. Shunsuke just realised that she was in the next room the whole time. Mocchan asks what kind of a woman Ayumu is and Shunsuke tells him that she’s really beautiful and refined, but sometimes she can be cute and sweet too. “She can stand up for other people, but she’s weak when it comes to herself. She’s mature but pure. She’s full of emotions, but her face is void of any expressions. She’s smart but clumsy. She’s very strict to herself and sometimes to others, but having been hurt before, she is the kindest person I’ve known.” After gushing out praises for her, Shunsuke realizes that he might have said something strange and contradictory.


The next thing he knows, Mocchan presses him to confess his real feelings. Blushing and stuttering, Shunsuke finally admits “Yeah, I guess… I really do love her.” But he quickly amends his words with, “I mean… her cocoa! She makes really good hot cocoa!” Probably satisfied with the confession, Mocchan says that he’s going to play catch and hangs up. Shunsuke is left being flustered after the call. Then there are footsteps and knocks on the door.


Ayumu shows up with a couple of steaming mugs. “Yachi-kun, please have some hot cocoa.” She shyly tells him that it’s getting colder every day, so she thought he’d appreciate some hot cocoa since he said it was good the last time. Silently, the words “I love you” come up to mind. Shunsuke then asks if she wants to try cooking next time. She’s about to say no, then quickly changes her mind and says she’d gladly do it.

PS: Awww, they’re soooo sweet!! I wanna squish them both! 😀

Ceecile note: This is the second extra from this manga. To ~read the first one check the tags 🙂


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