Mairimashita, Senpai Chapter 10 Preview

From the manga magazine Dessert which came out May 24th

I’m glad for the apparent lack of drama but at the same time I’m wondering what was the point. We already had them talking/dealing about/with this issue. I don’t feel like this brought anything more to it. It may have been dealt with well but it still felt like unnecessary “drama”.
They say “ex-girlfriend” but she sounds more like a summer fling than anything else, so I don’t think she’s the ex that he mentioned before. If that’s the case, I wonder if she’ll show up too.
There’s no chapter next month.

Do not take out the scans to post somewhere else. Link to the post, thank you 🙂


3 thoughts on “Mairimashita, Senpai Chapter 10 Preview

  1. hi I was wondering where do you find those scans because I really like this manga but I can’t find it anywhere on the internet😓. it’s fine even if it isn’t translated. sorry for bothering you😔☺️


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