Dessert (デザート)

Click for details on what’s inside each issues.

      September 2015                          October 2015
September 2015      Cover
      November 2015                         December 2015
Cover      Dessert Cover Dec 2015
      January 2016                              February 2016
2015-12-05_13-45-40      2015-12-23_18-40-21
          March 2016                                 April 2016
2016-01-23_14-46-37      2016-02-24_01-04-44
           May 2016                                      June 2016
2016-03-24_19-27-58      2016-04-22_17-10-19
            July 2016                                  August 2016
2016-05-23_18-51-09      2016-06-24_15-16-15

3 thoughts on “Dessert (デザート)

  1. hi ceecile ! I hope you’re fine ^_^

    Oh my, you bought the last dessert mag ? online version ?

    Do you read liarxliar ? do you have some spoiler for me ? (I’m dying to know haha)



    1. Hi! I’m good thank you, working hard trying to improve this site. I’m actually currently updating the magazines’ pages so you can see what mangas/chapters are in each mag and I just updated Dessert. As you can see the new Dessert isn’t out yet, therefor I don’t have any spoilers for you, sorry. October issue comes out on the 25th.
      I buy the digital version. I don’t know if I’ll be able to post any preview for those anymore because the software I used to make screen-grabs (Snagit) was only a trial and it’s coming to an end in just a few days and I don’t want to buy it. So unless someone can direct me towards another way to do it I’m afraid that’s it for previews from digital mangas :S I might post summaries if people request but that depends on time and on how much I can understand of what’s going on since I’m not fluent.


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