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Hello, I’m Ceecile. I am a French citizen, half Japanese from my mother’s side and 1/4 Algerian from my dad’s side.
With that said, my mother never taught me Japanese until I was 16 and by then I couldn’t really be bothered, and then she passed away. Which means I can’t speak Japanese, my oral comprehension is below average, I know furiganas and most common kanjis but since I don’t know Japanese grammar it basically means that I can’t read it anyway. I am currently trying to learn, although I find it harder to learn now with what little I know than if I was starting from scratch.

All this to say that I can’t do summaries from raws. I summarize mostly from the ones that are licensed in France. Some are still being published even though they are long done in Japan because the publisher Panini manga is really slow (like 1 volume a year, every 2 years, or my favourite “Oops who knows when?”). I’ll probably prioritize those that are already completed.

You should know that the official French translations are often sometimes not so good especially for a certain publisher which I will not name *cough*Panini manga*cough**cough*. But I don’t think it matters too much as far as summaries go.
Finally my English is, I would say, above average but I am not fluent so there will be mistakes and awkward sentences. I’m also not an expert writer, this is purely amateur work so don’t look for great piece of work with beautiful sentences. Please bear with me.

Ah and you probably can tell already but I pretty much suck at computer stuff which is why this blog will be the most basic thing you can imagine. I’ll try to make it easy to navigate.

Hum that’s pretty much it.

20 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Slt j’ai découvert ton site après que raffmanga est décidé ne peux faire de scan j’aime beaucoup ton site il simple c’est bien sinon j’ai lu un descriptive sur toi japonaise et algérienne ça fais un très beau mélange je e te dis ça car je suis aussi algérienne avec d’autre mélange….sinon merci pour ton travail et bon courage à toi combatte!!!! Sisi


  2. BonjOur! Ton site est tres sympa. J’aime bien parce qu’On va direct a l’essentiel et si l’histoire commence a trainer (Yuugure Light par exemple) on ne perd pas trop de temps… J’essaye aussi d’apprendre le japonais, ganbatte, ne?


  3. Enjoyed you summaries of Shitsuren chocolatier. I was able to read only up to chapter 4 online so I really am desperate to find a way to read all. I only know it is blocked by licensing problems but I can’t tell if it will be published with english translation–if not then why do they protect it so fiercely? Would be grateful if you have heard anything about that. I am not a big reader of manga so I don’t know how to find this out.


  4. Hey Ceecile! I’m Avelys, admin of Shoujohearts. I believe my friend DNJS contacted you in regards of joining our team? Feel free to e-mail me at shoujohearts@gmail.com to talk some more 🙂 We can talk on skype too and gush over shoujo together~ Je parle un peux de francais aussi!


  5. Hi Ceecile!

    I know that Raff recently posted a request for some magazines. I was considering ordering them online and sending them to her….but they were pretty difficult to find 😦

    In the past, you’ve mentioned not having a scanner for providing Raff raws and stuff. I know that Raff does so much with Otakumole, and you’re always kind enough to provide previews, so if possible I think I may be able to send you a scanner. I have Amazon Prime and there are some scanners that are available for free global shipping with my membership, so if you live outside the U.S. shipping should be fine too.

    I’m not sure if you’re interested, but if you are you can email me at [Edited out by admin] ^^

    Andrea 🙂


  6. Thank you so much! Catching us up on the Five manga? Thank you so much! I’m always dying to know what happens and thank you so much! You are amazing!


  7. Hello Ceecile ^^
    I am admin of Paradise Akai Fansub a fansub in Spanish, I would ask if you would be kind enough to give us the scans of the manga “Sekirara or Kiss” from chapter 6 onwards, we help a lot of truth. Of course he would go your nick in the credits. Thanks in advance, if you can contact me through my email, MiyanoKannainfo@gmail.com


  8. Hello Ceecile!
    Sorry to bother you, but do you perhaps provide manga raws? I’m admin of an Italian scanlation group and I’d ask if you could give us some scans of various magazines. Of course, we would credit you. You can contact me by e-mail, even if it’s a negative answer: harebarekazokuscans@gmail.com
    Thank you for your time! 🙂


    1. Hello!
      I’m sorry I can’t help you there. In the past I might have agreed but ever since Ebook Japan updated their downloaded reader to prevent people from screen grabbing, it’s become too much of hassle. I barely get the time and/or motivation to do it for my own site anymore.


  9. Hi Ceecile!
    My name is Elvina and I happened to find your awesome blog! Love it!
    I belong to a Spanish scanlation, Usagi no Fansub ( UsagiNF.Wordpress.com ), and we happen to be working on some projects that are on pause for lack of raws or translation, so maybe you are willing to share some of them, Projects like Devils Line ❤ Namida Usagi, Onedari Girl, Navigatoria, Seishun Shonbori Club. (Jap or French)

    If you are interested, we would give you the right credits, so here si our email: usaginofansub@live.com
    If you do not share raws, then really really sorry for the spam! Have a nice day~


    1. Hi!
      I do not have the raws for any of the mangas you mentioned except Navigatoria and Devils Line. The volume of Onedari Girl that I have is actually Onedari Girl + which is like a sequel/second volume. For Devil’s Line, I downloaded the raws on manga sharing sites. If you just google “Devil’s Line raws or デビルズライン raws” you should find them. I know Navigatoria’s are also available (I remember because they were uploaded literally the week after I bought them lol, I was mad).
      As for the others, I don’t want to scan my French mangas because it would strain them which I don’t want, sorry :S


      1. Oh, I see. And yes, we found the jap raws of Devil but we are still looking for any translation besides Jap and Chinese.
        About Onedari Girl+ well, it would be for the future when we finish the first one.
        And It’s ok, nobody would like to ruin their fisical volumes xD Some people from our staff just take photos for the translation, but anyway.

        Lastly, I just saw this after I published my first reply, but do you have any Ouji ga Watashi raws from chapter 10 and further? (Thanks for your reply anyway ❤ )


  10. Hello! I happened upon your blog and wanted to know if you could share raws with our group for the manga Sono Rokudenashi ni You ga Aru. We would translate it to English, and will see it through the end. I’m very sorry and thank you about this.


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