Petit Comic – September 2015

Sorry the quality is shit.
(The hairy thing is my cat who decided to wag his tail just as I was taking the picture)

September 2015
Nouveau document 7_1Nouveau document 7_2

SP x Baby Chapter 6
Mitsuyokon – Tsukumogami no Yomegoryou Chapter 2(?)
Love Phantom Chapter 9
Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu Chapter 17
Zettai Toudo Chapter 4
Onegai, Sore o Yamenai de Chapter 6
Koi ni Tsuite Hanasou ka Chapter 8
Sweet HR – Minami-sensei no Himitsu no Houkago Chapter 7
Midara na Nettaigyo Chapter 22
Ou-sama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi Chapter 14

I’ll preview all of them except Mitsuyokon. To read summaries of some of them head over to DNJS‘s blog🙂

October 2015 preview
New manga from Kazui Kazumi (Saa Himitsu wo Hajimeyou, Douse Mou Nigerarenai) which I’m very excited about! I didn’t expect her to come out with a new one so soon.
Nouveau document 7_4Nouveau document 7_3

7 thoughts on “Petit Comic – September 2015

  1. If I’m not wrong, this issue has Mitsuyokon chapter 2. It’s Oomi Tomu’s new series.
    Gonna get both september and october’s issue together so there another 2 more weeks + to wait TTATT


  2. Wow! you plan to summarize most of them? That would be a lot of work but of course that would always be favorable to us 😀 and this are all josei so really..looking forwars to it!

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  3. Could you please give us a preview for onegai, sore o yamenai de and sp x baby?? I’m really dying to know the continuation >,<
    Anyway, thx for your hardwork 😀


    1. For Onegai you can head over to DNJS’ blog who was translating it on Mangalator/Otakumole as she wrote a summary for it. She’s also summarizing the other mangas from Petit Comic that she was translating.
      I’ll post a preview for SP x Baby later in the week 🙂


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