Petit Comic – October 2015

Petit Comic Oct_1Petit Comic Oct_2
Inu wa On wo Waserenai* Oneshot*
Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu Chapter 18
SP x Baby Chapter 7
Bonnou Midnight Chapter 1
Mitsuyokon – Tsukumogami no Yomegoryou Chapter 3
Zettai Toudo Chapter 5
Ou-sama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi Chapter 15
Onegai, Sore o Yamenai de Chapter 7
Koibito Engi Oneshot
Midara na Nettaigyo Chapter 23
Love Phantom Chapter 10
Koi ni Tsuite Hanasou ka Chapter 9
Sweet HR – Minami-sensei no Himitsu no Houkago Chapter 8

* Not sure about the romanization
*Turns out the new manga from Kazui Kazumi (Saa Himitsu wo Hajimeyou, Douse Mou Nigerarenai) is actually just a oneshot :C

9 thoughts on “Petit Comic – October 2015

      1. Actually I do. But it seems that raff won’t post it anytime soon so I ask you.^^;
        But don’t worry It’s not like I’ll die if I don’t read it (just my urge to continue reading the story make cannot settle down).
        Since you guys also have your life. Just post it if you really want it or not so busy. 🙂
        Anyway, i really love your blog. I came here regularly to check any updates. I guess you can call me a passive reader. But I really try to comment if I can and join the polling you make. 😀
        Thanks for your hardwork!
        *sorry if it’s too long and excuse for my poor english ^^;;


    1. No problem. She’s actually catching up pretty quickly with all the mangas so I’m sure she will post it soon enough don’t worry 🙂
      For me, more than time consuming since I can do it while watching a show or something, it’s just that it’s a real hassle to do. I take the pictures with my phone and it takes several tries before the quality’s good enough to post. Mostly though it’s that I have a pretty bad wrist sprain and hand cramps so I can’t really use it much (getting the mags to stay open actually requires quite a bit of strength lol).


  1. Hi, I’m Roze the admin of Transcendence & Decadence, an English scanlation group. We’ve been working on SP X Baby since it first came out and I was wondering if there’s anyway possible you would be able to scan chapter 7 of SP X Baby and send it to us? We would give you credit as the raw provider and we could even donate to help pay for the cost of the magazine! Thanks so much!


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