Checking in

I have received a few messages and comments, so, this is just a post to tell everyone who knows I am French and was concerned about me and my relatives/friends that I am fine. I don’t currently live in Paris and my friends who do live in Paris have either checked the “I am safe” box on facebook or texted.
I’m a bit shaken though as I did use to live in Paris and the places they targeted are famous hangout spots and I myself used to go there often.
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Otakumole/Mangalator invite

According to my poll, most of you have an Otakumole account already but there are some who don’t. Registration is still closed but because of the number of requests for registration Raff has provided users with 3 invitation links. I’ve decided to give out 2 of those. If you don’t have an account, leave a comment. I’ll prioritize those who were active on this site first and then who commented first on this post. Again I can only give out 2 invites. (No need to leave your mail address in the comment itself).
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Let’s help each other out?

Hello hello!
So I know the majority coming to this blog come for the ongoing mangas preview and/or summaries. And I know you guys are impatient. And I can help you with that a little bit. However, as I explained in an earlier post I’m currently copying translations from Mangalator/Otakumole for later (personal) use. Which takes time, especially since using the computer mouse a lot is bringing back pain from when I sprained my wrist a few weeks ago.
So here’s what I was thinking. If some kind souls could help me out with that, I could have more time for previews/summaries.
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Blog status update!

(Reason for chosing this picture at the very end of the post)

Hello Hello!
Wow this site as been so popular lately, I wonder why… ^^

This is an update for the people who followed the site before I started posting previews and are here for the recaps/summaries. Yes I am still doing them!
With the untimely death of Mangalator, I have been working hard to save the many translations of the many mangas I liked for when I’ll want to read them again in the future, since I’ve bought them digitally. I’m a bit scared of Mangalator completely disappearing taking all those translations with it so I’m going to focus my free time on that mostly, for the time being.
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