Nagareboshi Lens

Nagareboshi Lens – Mayu Murata Completed

Risa is a middle-school student who has zero experience in love, but hopes to one day find that special someone. After an unexpected event, Risa now finds herself entangled with the most popular boy in her grade, Yuugure. Could this be the beginning of love for Risa…!?

So the chapters numeration is all off for this manga. This is because Nagareboshi Lens was originally supposed to be 3 chapters long (I think it’s obvious when you read it) but because it was really popular they extended it by 2 chapters(Nagareboshi Lens – Starry sky) in order to release a full volume. Then when that was popular they decided to serialize it. So The official 1st chapter (or Twinkle 1 as it’s called) is chapter 6 for the English scanlation.

Raws | Chinese scans
Follows the official numeration (for the English scanlation’s just add 5 to the official one)

Volume 1
Nagareboshi Lens
1st Shooting (chapter 1): Scanlated
2nd Shooting (chapter 2): Scanlated
Last Shooting (chapter 3): Scanlated
Nagareboshi Lens – Starry sky
First part (chapter 4): Scanlated
Last part (chapter 5): Scanlated

Volume 2
Chapter 1 (chapter 6): Scanlated
Chapter 2 (chapter 7): Scanlated
Chapter 3 (chapter 8): Scanlated
Chapter 4 (chapter 9): Scanlated
Candy cat (Unrelated extra)

Volume 3
Chapter 5 (chapter 10): Scanlated
Chapter 6 (chapter 11): Scanlated
Chapter 7 (chapter 12): Scanlated
Night sky passport (Yuugure’s POV) (chapter 12.1): Scanlated
Sparkling chocolate (Yukko & Haru extra) (chapter 12.2): Scanlated
Shunkan Pink (Unrelated extra) (chapter 12.5): Scanlated

Volume 4
Chapter 8 (chapter 13): Scanlated
Chapter 9 (chapter 14): Scanlated
Chapter 10 (chapter 15): Scanlated
Chapter 11 (chapter 16): Scanlated
Chapter 12 (chapter 17): Scanlated

Volume 5
Chapter 13 (chapter 18): Scanlated
Chapter 14 (chapter 19): Scanlated
Chapter 15 (chapter 20): Scanlated
Chapter 16 (chapter 21): Scanlated
Route of infection (Tamaki extra) (chapter 21.1): Scanlated
My Star (Yuudai extra): Summary

Volume 6
Chapter 17 (chapter 22): Recap
Chapter 18 (chapter 23): Recap
Chapter 19 (chapter 24): Recap
Chapter 20 (chapter 25): Recap
Chocolate vaccin (Unrelated extra)

Volume 7
Chapter 21 (chapter 26): Recap
Chapter 22 (chapter 27): Recap to come
Chapter 23 (chapter 28): Recap to come
Chapter 24 (chapter 29): Recap to come
All over with stars (Yukko & Haru extra): Recap to come
Fujimon’s melancholia (Fujimon extra): Recap to come

Volume 8
Chapter 25 (chapter 30): Recap to come
Chapter 26 (chapter 31): Recap to come
Chapter 27 (chapter 32): Recap to come
Chapter 28 (chapter 33): Recap to come
Mini extra (about Yui): Recap to come
Hello Mr. Rabbit (Unrelated extra)

Volume 9
Chapter 29 (chapter 34): Recap to come
Chapter 30 (chapter 35): Recap to come
Chapter 31 (chapter 36): Recap to come
Chapter 32 (chapter 37): Recap to come
Galaxy (Yui Extra): Recap to come
Deep in the Summer Night (Unrelated extra)

Volume 10
No date announced

5 thoughts on “Nagareboshi Lens

  1. Thank you Ceecile! I’ve been waiting so long for the translations/recaps! One of my most fav mangas! 😀 really appreciate it


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