Cocohana – October 2015

If you can read Japanese and would like to summarize a manga, leave a comment!
Released on August 28
Cocohana Oct_1 Cocohana Oct_2
Mary Mary Mary Chapter 11
Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu Chapter 37
Watashi no Joushi Chapter 6
Papa told me
Bread & Butter Chapter 15
Ashi-Girl Chapter 43
Kare to Koi Nante Chapter 2
G Senjou no Anata to Watashi Chapter 11
Iromen – Juunintoiro Chapter 37
Moment – Eien no Isshun Chapter 17
Hana ni Somu Chapter 24
Suna to Iris Chapter 32
Tsukumono Oneshot
Sumika Sumire Chapter 21
Sun Sign Cider! Chapter 3 (Final chapter)
Samurai Kaa-san Plus

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