Cocohana (ココハナ)

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     September 2015                             October 2015
Nouveau document 5_1      Cocohana Oct_1
      November 2015                          December 2015
Cocohana November_1      Cocohana December 2015_1
          January 2016                           February 2016
Cocohana January 2016_1      Cocohana February 2016_1
            March 2016                                April 2016 
Cocohana March 2016_1      Cocohana April 2016_1
             May 2016                                   June 2016
Cocohana May 2016_1      Cocohana June 2016_1

2 thoughts on “Cocohana (ココハナ)

    1. Hello! I looked throught it but there’s just too much dialogue and the level is too high for me. I can’t make a post so I’ll leave a comment here with what I understood.
      Picks up where we left off with Saku and Aoi in the library. They sit down and start talking. I think Saku asks him why he broke up with Rikka and Aoi starts by talking about him and his ex-girlfriend. I honestly don’t know what he’s saying and it’d take me ages to try and figure it out. Then he talks about Rikka and he says she’s cute and a good girl and I think maybe that he came to genuinely like her? He talks about what Saku told him in the classroom before he decided to date Rikka. Then Saku starts talking too.
      Next day Rikka tells her friend and the girl that likes Saku that Aoi broke up with her. She thinks a lot but I don’t know about what.
      Saku is at his older brother’s workplace and he gives him papers and asks him if he’s really going, to Kyoto, and Saku says yes.
      The chapter ends with Rikka finding papers that says Saku is going to a high school in Kyoto (I think).

      Sorry, this is the best I can do. There isn’t really anything to “preview”, it’s really just talking, talking, talking.


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