Hana ni Kedamono Chapter 13 – Miwako Sugiyama

I’m writing this summary taking into consideration that you should be looking at the scans at the same time. This is especially true for this manga since, as I said in the previous summary, I can’t bear to write detailed recaps for it anymore. If there’s something in particular you want to know that I skimmed over, leave a comment 🙂

Chapter 13 Chinese scans

Tatsuki is taking trying to take Kumi and Chihaya’s proof picture but it’s not going well. He tells them to be closer, they are going out, right?, and even demonstrates by sitting on Chihaya’s legs. Since she can’t do it Tatsuki tells her to think of Chihaya as one of her bears and to hug him. So she does that… She also says “My Chihaya” (still with her small voice).
Tatsuki reprimands him, if he hadn’t done that they’d have the perfect shot now.
Kumi leaves to use the bathroom. Chihaya says that if he hadn’t moved things would have become really complicated.

Kumi feels bad because everyone is trying to help her but she can’t do it right and also because she’s lying about being his girlfriend.
One of his sister tells her to stop being so formal since they are of the same family now, she’s Chihaya’s future wife after all. She’s force-feeding Kumi for some reason.

Tatsuki points out that Chihaya is weird these days, or more like he changed. Before, publicly confessing like that was unimaginable, especially since he found girls annoying.
Kumi still hasn’t come back so they go check on her… Ah I see, Sister must have given her alcohol.
She asks them why they’re making those scary faces. She ~erotically asks Chihaya to not “hold her like that”.
A hand (probably a sister) pushes Chihaya and Kumi and takes Tatsuki away. They’ve been locked inside. The sisters say they have to leave and will come get them tomorrow morning. They tell the two to take their pictures and while they’re at it to enjoy the night as lovers. They leave wishing Chihaya good luck and relling him not to get too carried away by passion because a young girl needs to be treated gently and tenderly.

The sisters laugh about Chihaya’s panicked voice. They say Kumi is really naive, or pure is more like it. Some vitamins and she does whatever is suggested to her. One says the night is long, Chihaya. (So.. They want him to rape her, is that it?)

Hyo is accosted by girls saying they haven’t seen him in a while, they kept calling him but he never answered. One asks what’s on his finger. It’s the school’s ring, he forgot to take it off. The girls say it’s really lame and childish and Hyo agrees that it probably does not suit him and really, he doesn’t understand anything about love. The girls laugh asking what’s wrong with him, talking about love and tell him to come have fun with them. Hyo thinks that he thought he had found love, that he was on the brink of being able to hold it…

Chihaya wakes Kumi up. She says she feels weird so to not go near to her. He asks weird where and then says she was weird from the start, stupid. He says she was played by his sisters and she only took vitamins. She feels ashamed.
Chihaya and Tatsuki have known each other for a long time.
She finds letters and (post?)cards and a necklace in a broken box, as well as a picture of him with a girl. He said he thought he’d thrown it away. It was his girlfriend but it didn’t last long. He was going to give the necklace for her birthday but she asked to break up just before. Apparently she wanted to know what it’d be like to go out with him, it was curiosity. She said she found him insensible, insensitive, that she didn’t understand him and that she wanted to break up. He says girls are all selfish, annoying and not interesting but…
Kumi asks him not to throw the box. She says if he kept all those things inside that box it’s because they were important to him. She says she doesn’t think he’s insensitive at all, he’s a great person. The way he is makes her happy and reassures her, she likes him a lot.

She’s embarrassed and starts saying that she’s leaving but of course it’s still locked. He says his sisters locked them inside and that door won’t open until next morning, while hugging her against the door, for some reason.

End of Chapter 13


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